Friday, 1 April 2005

One Big Laugh

Last night I did at spot at One Big Laugh. I imagine that you haven’t heard of it, so allow me to enlighten you. It was a benefit for Depression Alliance, a world record breaking attempt at a 36 hour gig.

I arrived at about 6.30pm when the gig had been running, non-stop for 18 and a half hours. I stormed it, helped by the fact that the guy on before me had died so helplessly on his arse. The best gig I've done for ages. One of the times when I actually enjoyed being onstage.

I don’t usually hang around with fellow comedians but I really enjoyed it last night. I met a guy I knew when I lived in Edinburgh who has since become a stand-up and I journeyed home with a carload of comics.

Out of the two dozen or so comics I saw the highlight for me had to be Southside Johnny. A guy who looked like a small time Mafioso who spoke calmly about how nervous he was for his first 2 minutes, “I feel like walking straight out that door. I am not kidding.” Did a Buddy Holly song for his next 3, while the room fell about, not knowing if we should be laughing or not. Every time Southside said “Why is everyone laughing? This is true.” the room fell about even more. I lost it when he attempted to explain the aliases he has used “Southside Johnny, East End Johnny…” he got no further, “Why are you all laughing? This is true.” He rounded off by singing a Julios Iglesias song then fell to his knees pleading for more stage time. Classic.

Although I really wasn't looking forward to doing it, it ended up being a great night.

The show finished at 12pm this afternoon, setting a new world record for a continuous comedy show.

It's now made the news.

And talking of comedy I’m currently listening to David Cross – It’s Not Funny. It so is. Some very good political stuff on it.

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