Sunday, 15 June 2008

Apart From the Football

How's anyone managing to do anything else other than watch football with this great European Championships on the go? I've managed to find time for little else but of what I have done...

In the great Indiana Jones debate I'm in the 'It's good' camp. Great fun from beginning to end. Some people are saying it 'wasn't very realistic'. You mean like the first 3 Ken Loach directed Indiana Jones films?

Gone Baby Gone might well be the film of the year. Who would have thought that Ben Affleck could co-write and direct such a thought provoking, magical piece of cinema? Casey Affleck also proves he's one of the best young actors around and there's a great supporting cast including the always excellent Ed Harris and Amy Ryan, unrecognisable from her role as Beadie Russell in The Wire.

I also managed to see You Owe Me Glue's favourite cheeky chappy Dazza play the lead in RSAMD's The Tempest. And good he was too. Although it's about time he started getting some comedy roles. If anyone gives a fuck anymore there's big YOMG news in the offing soon, but then if you are interested you probably know what it is already.

Photographs from the third annual Fizzy Birthday Barbecue this weekend are here and a handful of photos from the West End Festival parade are here.

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