Saturday, 11 October 2008

Wasted is Oot!

I was through at Forbidden Planet in Edinburgh last weekend for the launch of Wasted, a new comic where pal of 'pish Iain Laurie and I have found a home for our strip Blackcape.

We had a great day. It was nice to see people giving a toss about something we had been involved in and it was nice to see all the different folk who had contributed to the comic, including head honcho Alan Grant and big names like Frank Quitely and Jamie Grant, thrusting aside their gazillions of awards to hang out with us little guys. Many fun hours were spent in the pub but my favourite bit was sharing a fish tea with Jamie Grant, Frank Quitely, Alan Kerr and Iain in the City Cafe. It's the first time I've seen the house red ordered in a greasy spoon style chip shop.

The comic itself looks great and reads well for an anthology which tend usually to be editorially fuzzy and massively variable in terms of the quality of strips inside. Its not a loftily ambitious collection of course, its purely looking for laughs but I think it hits the mark more often than not.

It's available now for £3.25 and you should be able to get it from Forbidden Planet (certainly the Edinburgh store had loads and on checking, the Glasgow FP has copies as well) or direct from our distributor here. You can also get it here.

I notice that you can order it from Amazon as well now.

If you can't find it, gimme a shout and I'll get a copy to you. It may also be worth mentioning that if you subscribe (4 quarterly issues for £17.50 - print off the slip, fill it out and just sent it in - your money covers your comics and your P&P) you'll get an exclusive t-shirt by Simon Bisley, who's also been signed up for the cover for #3.

Here's a nice review we got from The List.


Katie said...

Congratulations on the comic!

Michael Reid said...

Well done lads!
Will have to have a gander!

Graeme said...

Nice one! You and Iain have made it now--you're in the same company as guys like Quitely. That guy might be my favorite comic artist at the moment--his work on WE3 really impressed me.

Any chance you can send an issue this way? I doubt that my local comic book shop will be carrying it.

Fraser said...

No problem G - just email me or Tom your full postal and I'll get one to you, WE3 is great isn't it? You should read All Star Superman which he's just finished next - totally amazing.

I wouldn't go as far as to say that we are in the same company as FQ, not by a long chalk, but it is nice to find out he's a lovely guy who is really knowledgeable about comics and helpful to newbies and a good laugh - the kind of guy you hope you'd be yourself if you got his level of success.