Tuesday, 17 February 2009

Limmy's Show (on the Telly)

As you may know already Limmy's Show is set to air on the telly this week. Tomorrow in fact. The details are below.

Wednesday 18th February, 10pm
BBC2 Scotland (Sky 990 / Freesat 970)

And repeated...
Monday 23rd February, 11:15pm
BBC1 Scotland (Sky 971 / Freesat 960)

It's also on the BBC iPlayer.

If you need any more reason to watch it other than the fact that it's set to be pretty funny then how about this - I'm in it. You can look out for me getting chased around the Botanic Gardens as well as in a few other places.

Come back on Thursday morning and I'll tell you what it was like working on. There's no crazy tales of rants or 20 point memos of dos and don'ts around the talent, just a pleasant working environment, but while I'm in a hot show on the telly I may as well write a wee bit about it.

You should also be able to catch Limmy this morning on MacAulay & Co from 10am on Radio Scotland.

So that show again Limmy's Show. And the time and location Wednesday 18th February 10pm on BBC2.


Katie said...

Can't wait! I've told a bunch of my friends to watch it.

Anonymous said...

The funniest Scottish comedy show I've ever seen on tv. Nice work Mr Brogan.-Iain