Sunday, 5 April 2009

America's Team

I was up in Fort William yesterday to see the local team take on Deveronvale. Fort William haven't won a match since September 2007. Well, they didn't win yesterday either. Although they took the lead early on, they finished on the wrong end of a 6-1 thumping.

You can have a look at my report of the game on my other site here. However, the reason I want you to go and have a look is because of the scheme Fort William have got themselves involved with. When you click on the link play the video I have embedded. It's a film by the company making the America's Team project that's designed to take Fort William 'From zeroes to heroes'. Although it's clearly amusing, I found it offensive to the football team and everyone involved with it.

I've written more about why and about the scheme on the link.

UPDATE: My post has received a response from Paul McDonald, the man behind the America's Team project. Go and have a look at the comments section for our back and forth.


Doctor Logan said...

That video has got to be in the running for an award, surely? Maybe in the category of "The most unintentionally humorous trailer of 2009"
The video had a sort of "GI Joes sail in and save Scotland from evil" feel to it.

paul said...

who said it was "unintentional"? ; )

Hey - the London Independent called even called it "hilarious"...

Sorry tho bout the GI joe thing...that wasnt what i had hoped for - but it's designed to pique the interest of a US carrier...