Tuesday, 5 May 2009

Why Mince When You Can Mangle?

In keeping with our recent theme of football related posts, here's Chick Young's daft blog entry about the upcoming Old Firm game. Scroll down for the hilarious comments left by ordinary punters, almost all apparently fed up with Chick's insane patter.


Tom said...

I think my favourite sentence is the first one.

"High noon at Ibrox on a summer afternoon - but it will be early dark for the losers as the Old Firm clear their throats for the season's last song together."

I have no idea what that means. The guy takes mixed metaphors and makes them an art form.

At least someone had the sense to edit his stuff down from the 50 word sentences he was peddling a couple of years ago.

I was within shouting distance of him last week at the Youth Cup final and it took a lot of restraint for me not to shout some abuse at him.

Glasjay said...

"Furthermore, if ever, in this last 20 years or so, there was chance to rip up their game of Monopoly, then it might have been the winter just gone"
ha ha ha ha...wait, what?

Glasjay said...

"This is the Spaghetti Junction of crossroads for them both"


Doctor Logan said...

10. At 5:05pm on 05 May 2009, Rabster wrote:

Forty years toiling at the coalface of football journalism.

Chick, my grandad spent forty years toiling at real coalfaces in pits across West Fife and frankly were he still alive today I think he could have written a better blog than that.

Best anti Chick Young comment ever.