Sunday, 27 December 2009

Monday 11th January 2010

Brian pondering
If you happened to be watching BBC2 last night between Gary: Tank Commander and The Football League Show then you would have seen the trailer for Limmy's Show. You then may also have seen me looking, as Ronnie put it, 'gormless'. You can also spot me headbanging in there too.

The actual information that you really want to take away from it though is that the six episodes start at 10pm on BBC2 Scotland on Monday 11th January. It'll be available to see UK-wide on Sky 990 and on the iPlayer. The pilot that was on in February doesn't form any part of the series so it's six fresh episodes.

The scripts were laugh-out-loud funny themselves, it was a hoot to film and as far as I'm concerned everybody in it is very funny. So do tune in.

There's a Facebook page for it here.

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