Wednesday, 27 January 2010

Comics Journal Menshy

Blogging? We don't seem to be bothering much in this age of the tweet, not that I was doing much anyway.

But now I have something to crow about so here I am.

Me and Iain Laurie and our strip Blackcape got a nice write up in The Comics Journal in this interesting article about the Scottish Underground Comics scene. I've linked to the bit that bigs me up of course, but you can skip back for the 1st part as well.


wayupnorth said...

ffs tom youre a real jack of all trades.
tv, radio, comics and plays.
you nearly always get nae comments on here, i would be gutted at your comments ratio.

by the way my team are playing ucs at john browns on saturday. it will be epic!

Tom said...

Nah it's not me Andy. It's Fraser who does the comics. I do about 99% of the posts on here, but every now and again Fraser chips in with something.

Aye that sounds like a good one on Saturday morning.

wayupnorth said...

ah its the other half of the glues brothers this time. well done chief!

och our ucs game got called off at 9.30am after we had travelled to john browns. ref said the park was too icey. what a gutner!