Monday, 31 May 2010

Clydebank's Season in 6 Weeks

You may (or may not) remember this time last year I was trumpeting my 50th football match of the season. Well, this year I failed to update the blog that went along with my game going. However, I've still been going along to a game once a week or more. In fact I've lost count of the number of games I've been to.

For the last few weeks I'm been going to see my boyhood team Clydebank. Having lost their senior status in 2002, they were resurrected as a Junior team the following year. As I'm never by saying to folk who aren't into football, in Scotland 'Junior' means 'non-league' and not juvenile.

Since they lost the second-leg of the Scottish Junior Cup semi-final to Largs Thistle on the 17th of April they've played 18 games. Tomorrow night they play Ashfield in the final of the Central League Cup. Should they win that game then on Thursday they'll play in the Evening Times Cup Winners' Cup.

The run of cup games is preventing the club from scheduling their last remaining league game and their two-legged play-off with Lanark for promotion to the Super Premier League.

Effectively the games with Lanark will be Clydebank's most important games since they joined the Juniors.

If Celtic or Rangers were about to play their 19th game inside six weeks you wouldn't have to read about it on a blog. The papers and radio would be exhausted from talking about nothing but that for weeks.

The video below is highlights of the 3-2 win over Petershill on Friday night.

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