Sunday, 31 October 2010

The Man in the Middle

For the last ten weeks I've been attending the SFA's referees training course. Tomorrow night I should receive my ref's registration number and whatever other paraphernalia we're awarded at the end of the course. This I'll be receiving from Scotland's newest most hated man, Willie Collum.

This of course means that the job I'm now most qualified to do is arguably the most thankless task in all of the country. I don't think there could be a worse time to become a referee. The overturned penalty scandal and the subsequent fallout would suggest it's a profession best body swerved.

This statement by Hearts doesn't exactly make you want to rush into refereeing any time soon either.

The course itself was pretty interesting and has sharpened my knowledge of the rules. Over the weeks probably the favourite thing that I have learned is that the goal shown in the YouTube clip down below is now, as it was then, perfectly legal. I'm told though that 90% of referees would disallow it.

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andy said...

allright big man,

i did it once at an amateur game in what i now call Scotlands worst league.

The ref didnt turn up and i took his place. NEVER AGAIN!

It was a nightmare. Everyone screamed at me for 90 minutes even my own pals. At one point i got in the way of a pass and the ball deflected off me, out for a throw. So i decided to give the throw to the team who had played it off me, as i thought it was unfair for them to lose the ball because i got in the way. It was also my team by the way.

This triggered mayhem. The other team surrounded me, because the ref is in play, which i didnt know, called me a cheat and even the manager ran on the pitch to confront me.

It was bloody awful.

Whats your plan Tomish? are you going to start off doing amateur/junior stuff and then try and break into the big time?