Saturday, 17 November 2007

Typical Scotland

The phrase 'Typical Scotland' seems to sum up this evening's performance. I dunno how many times I've watched a big Scotland game thinking we would overcome all the odds. In today's Daily Record they interviewed every manager in Scotland and asked them for their prediction. Nearly every one said '1-0 Scotland' or 'Scotland to win'. Just shows you, eh? Optimism doesn't come easy to us, but when we have cause we leap right in.

Still, you can't ask much more from the players under the circumstances. It was a group that looked impossible to qualify from and taking it to the last game is as much as anyone can ask of the team.

Watching the game was far from fun and that wasn't just due to what was taking place on the pitch. Although at the pub we went to we got a seat in front of the big screen, we constantly had to keep one eye on the assembled throng around us to see where the next bit of bother was coming from.

Half the room didn't seem to be interested in the match at all. Many, mainly young guys decked out in scarves and/or tartan hats, seemed more interested in being blootered with the drink, jumping around and noising people up. I currently smell of stale beer, as the sport of the evening seemed to be throwing it around. The atmosphere from about 90 minutes before kick-off felt menacing. And as Tommy pointed out everyone in the room was supporting the same team.

I have to confess to getting into a wee scuffle myself shortly after full-time. As we walked out onto Sauchiehall Street past a sea of empty beer cans and half-naked guys unconscious on the street I can only predict a night of frenzied activity for the local constabulary. Typical Scotland.


Anonymous said...

I makes you so proud of the city and the country, eh?


Fraser said...

Don't know about anyone else but I'll need a few more details about this "wee scuffle" big T! :-)