Wednesday, 7 November 2007

The Writers Guild Strike

As you'll probably know screnwriters in America are out on strike. Some of the best places to get information on what's going on is at Mark Evanier's blog News From Me and Ken Levine's blog.

It's through the former that I found this article below.

Writer for comics and screen Brian K. Vaughan has
this post on his thoughts on the strike and what it could mean for comics.

***Does this mean there’s going to be a flood of Hollywood writers coming into comics?

Maybe? I know a few creators--and a lot of readers--are sometimes annoyed by carpet-bagging movie/television writers swooping into comics to steal “their” jobs, but film/TV writers have been enormously generous about letting me into their world, and I think we should return the favor. Art is not a competition, and there’s always room for talented creators.

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