Tuesday, 8 January 2008

Down to The Wire

Television's greatest show, The Wire, began its fifth and final season last Sunday night. Creator David Simon says he doesn't care that the show is regularly ignored during Hollywood award season. Here's CNN's preview of the last season, which takes a look at the media.

The Kansas City Star provides a guide for the uninitiated. The North Star Writers Group provides its take on the series. Democratic Presidential Nominee Barrack Obama tells TV Guide what his favourite TV show is. Finally, the Baltimore Sun provides its round up of Wire stories.

Down below are a couple of previews.


Graeme said...

The new season looks great--though I'm still making my way through the third season so it'll be a while before I can watch it. I wish that I'd gotten into the series earlier just so that I could have talked about it with you guys when we went on break. Next, I'll have to get into the DVDs of NYPD Blue.

Tom said...

It certainly would have beat the three of us moaning about our jobs G.

Still you've got one and a bit of great stuff to get through before you catch up with the telly.

Fraser said...

I've watched the first episode and the opening scene is hilarious. There's a lot of spot-on deadpan humour in The Wire, something it tends not to get credit for, because people are so busy recognising it as the best TV show pretty much of all time.

Tom, when you see it you will pish yourself.

Great to hear you are watching it to G - its well worth catching up with. I found I could never just watch one episode at a time, so maybe you'll get caught up before too long?

Graeme said...

Two episodes left in the third series. It's about time to buy the fourth one.

Too right about the humour in it, Fraser. The humour is part of the great writing, but it really isn't appreciated enough.