Sunday, 18 May 2008

Wasted Available For Download

Most of you will (hopefully) have read Blackcape, the comic strip I do with 'pish mucker Iain Laurie. It has been due out in the shops for a while now in Wasted, a comic magazine put together by Alan Grant, Jamie Grant, Frank Quitley and several other comic book mega-talents.

While the printed edition of Wasted has been held up for a further short spell (hopefully available mid-June-ish), there is now a PDF download of the whole shootin' match so have a look and see what you think.

There's two of our strips in it, beautifully coloured by the soon-to-be-far-to-good-for-us Derek Dow and loads of other stuff by really great, talented people. Iain and I have still no clue what we're doing among them...


Graeme said...

Any idea what the distribution is going to be like on this? Basically, will I be able to get it at my local comic book shop?

Fraser said...

Its not looking like it at the moment G. I'm not sure what the international distribution plan is but in the UK, it looks like its only going to be available via indie comic book stores and head shops.

If you can persuade your local comic book store to contact bad press and ask for copies, they'll send them I'm sure but I have to say I think the plan is to start small and grow and not wade in with a big print run and mammoth distribution.

I think we've struggled to get the big distributors onside and we're hoping to build it ourselves and show them it'll sell first, then go back to them. I'll be happy to send a few copies over to you though. Hope you enjoy the PDF.