Thursday, 1 May 2008

Magnificent Night For Rangers

Way back on July 31st 2007, I wrote a wee article wishing Rangers well for the coming season - it inspired some fudbar to enter an inane and entirely irrelevant comment about Scottish Independence which is sadly indicative of how some people react to the mere mention of the word "Rangers" without ever considering you could support the club without being a child-eating demon of some variety.

Anyway, here we are 18 European matches later and Rangers, with a consolidation team, have reached the UEFA Cup Final, their first European Final since 1972.

No-one who follows the club would pretend for a second that it's been pretty, but for the management team to have taken our squad of floundering duds from the depths of Paul-Le-Guen-era-hell with a relatively small budget for reconstruction and a growing injury list to a major European final is frankly a miracle, and the greatest moment I have witnessed as a Teddy Bear, (I was 3 in '72).

I've just been checking the usually bam infested message boards and the congratulations from fans of clubs all over the country have been really refreshing to seen, drowning out the usual plethora of dull minded trolls by sheer force of numbers.

Manchester here we come. Amazing.

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