Tuesday, 31 July 2007

Mon The 'Gers

As many of you know, I am what some would refer to as a dirty currant bun.

Not many right enough, but anyway....

We kick off our season proper in a Champions League qualifier tonight (in about 10 mins actually) against Montenegrin champs Zeta, so it'll be interesting to see how the "rebuilding process" has got on.

After a couple of years of getting pumped by Celtic and a closed season of not too many exciting arrivals I'm still quite excited by the prospect of the football being back.

But that's the game of football isn't it? Not really the domain the realist.

Ah well, mon the Teddy Bears!


Anonymous said...

It does'nt seem to matter to you huns, it's not which flag you buy , it's who you are.
You parade the streets defending Scotland , AGAINST WHO.
The biggest threat to our contry is YOU.
For many years we have been dominated by a culture which is alien to ouw own ( English),
However we still propose the idea that (We , Scotland ) will never make it on our own.
If smaller , less able countries than our own ( Norway, Ireland, Serbia, Austria, Malta, Cyprus, etc.and its a long list)
Can make it , why not Scotland, Why do we consider ourselves to be infrior to the peoples.
Independance is the act of relinquishing dependance on others.
I for one , as a Scotsman, will depend on no one, I will however depend on myself , my family ans my nation.
Fot that is what it means to be Scottish .

Tom said...

The reason I started moderating comments was to keep anonymous bams like this one above out.

However I found that such a badly written, irrelevant and amusing comment I had to authorise it.

Fraser said...

At least someone has at last recognised that I'm the biggest threat to this "contry".

Folk eh?

www.thegrandview.wordpress.com said...

Tom & Fraser,
I read the anonymous comment with great interest. While his bad spelling notwithstanding, what did you think of his meassage?
I am an American, have owned a home in Scotland for 21 years and have a mum who grew up in London. I love Scotland and wonder why you wouldn't want independence( I have read loads on the subject)?

www.thegrandview.wordpress.com said...

Sorry last bit....read this if you like....http://thegrandview.wordpress.com/2007/06/25/10-reasons-i-love-scotland-part-2/

Fraser said...

Hiya Mike,

At what point did either of us say we don't want an independent Scotland?

I don't have any great insight into Tom's politics, but if the original poster had bothered to search through our blog he'd have found a post by me welcoming the prospect of an SNP controlled government, which we now have.

Being a Rangers fan doesn't mean that you are some rabid loyalist bent on maintaining the union and the Royal family.

That's a stereotype - a stereotype which informed pretty much everything the chap who made the original comment said.

And this is the problem with the internet. Everyone feels entitled to their say, never considering for a moment the possibility that they may not actually have a robust point.

My post was about wishing my team well in the coming football season.

If some clown wants to turn that into an ill-informed, assumptive and illiterate diatribe about Scottish independence that's his or her prerogative, but we're going to ridicule them for it and quite rightly so.