Monday, 30 July 2007

The Wedding of Drew and Kirsten

On Saturday I made it over to Glenrothes for the wedding of Drew and Kirsten. Drew has featured on the pages of ‘Pish before in his musical guise of Wounded Knee. A cracking night was had by all and it was good to catch up with a bunch of folk I hadn’t seen for several years. In full party spirit I even danced the Gay Gordons.

The bus drivers who ferried us to and from Edinburgh appeared to be hired from Curmudgeonly Bus Drivers Inc. They really weren’t in the wedding mood. To be fair to the driver on the way back the bus was a wee bit rowdy as everyone was well tanked up.

On Sunday morning Iain and I discovered that hardly anywhere in Edinburgh serves a breakfast. You can get quails eggs on a bed of falafel easy enough but sausage, bacon and eggs? Are you crazy?

Lots of photos below. I'll stick more on my Flickr page soon. There are also more here.

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