Monday, 2 July 2007

Ye Come to Glasgow We'll Set About Ye

Back on the subject of the incident at the airport on Saturday. John Smeaton was one of the people who apprehended one of the would-be bombers. His interviews on Saturday and Sunday appear to have entertained not only me but numerous folk on the internet.

It's not just his have-a-go-hero attitude but simply how refreshingly regular he came across in his interviews. Although some people seemed to have trouble getting through his accent.

My favourite bit from his interview on ITV last night was his summing up of the situation. "Glasgow disnae accept this. Ye come to Glasgow we'll set about ye. You know what I mean?"

Someone very quickly set up a
website devoted to him. These kind of events make heroes out of the most unlikely of folk.

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Fraser said...

Aye I'm no a fan of this character. Seems to me he was just delighted to find himself presented with the opportunity to justifiably batter someone.