Sunday, 8 July 2007

"I Piled in and Tried to Get a Kick in"

Awright, are we not all getting fed up with John Smeaton? I know Big Scott is. 'Smeato' is on the front page of the News of the World today, saying 'Bin Laden, it's no' happening mate.'

The whole 'all ye need tae dae is stick wan oan a terrorist and they're doon' routine is wearing a wee bit thin.

"I ran up there to leather him. He was swinging at me, shouting Allah this and Allah that."

Fair play to the guy, he saw a commotion and leapt in, but how long can you keep giving differing takes on the same 30 second incident? I'm sure he's oblivious that the tabloid press are using him to manipulate their readers into their own political agenda.

"I just shouted, ‘F***ing come on then' and dashed towards him."

One of the reasons the media are lapping him up is that everyone loves a yokel. This is from the Wall Street Journal.

Since last Saturday's attack, his friends tell him that women have been asking to be introduced to him. His cell phone is jammed with messages. He's puzzled as to why people are so taken with his story. "I haven't a Scooby," he says, meaning he doesn't have a clue.

Below is a BBC feature on him.

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Fraser said...

Lets get away from the fact that this Smeaton guy is a cretin who would have been boxing that Saturday no matter what.

Lets get away from the fact that he's allowed himself to be used and ridiculed to trivialise and in fact humourise an incident that could have resulted in carnage.

Lets ignore the fake "blitz spirit" this is all being used to manufacture.

Lets forget the dozens of racists attacks this incident precipitated.

Lets just focus on the fact that all this is making it far more likely that some have-a-go wannabe big man will try it on with some criminals in a similar situation and will most likely get him/herself and plenty of others killed or badly hurt.

Turning people into folk heroes is all well and good, but let's raise the fucking bar eh?

It used to be you had to do more than kick a guy on fire in the baws while he wasn't looking.