Wednesday, 25 July 2007

Who Wants to Spot Me?

I joined a gym yesterday. Another benefit of being on the burro. Cheap access to fitness. I’m not really what you would call a fit guy and this was the first time I’d been in any sort of gym since I was in the BB.

I did fear some Frank Spencer style mishaps as I attempted to negotiate some of the equipment, but for the most part I seemed to know how to use it all. Or I made a fair attempt at looking like I did at least. The locker was the only thing I seemed to have any sort of trouble with.

The gym of course offers social interaction in enclosed spaces and it wasn’t long before I was sat in the saunarium with two girls who looked about 14 discussing all-you-can-drink holidays in Lanzarote, a guy talking about publicly hanging paedophiles and an old guy offering his thoughts on Rock Hudson. “You wouldn’t think to look at him. He made some good pictures too.”

For the most part I quite enjoyed it and as I didn’t die of heart failure I’ll probably be back.

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