Wednesday, 11 July 2007

How Much Longer?

For how much longer can 'Smeato' talk about the airport attack? Aye, well done. Can you shut up about it now and stop playing into the tabloid papers' hands? He's been a Godsend for them. A down to earth regular guy who can be their anti-terrorist , anti-immigration, pro-law and order mouthpiece.

"I wanted to help him until I realised what he’d done, then I thought ‘f*** him’."

"I shouted ‘f****** c’mon then ya b******’ and it took his attention from the cop. He was shouting Allah, Allah, Allah. I flew at him. He took a swing, but missed me and I managed to get a kick in."

"Then I started thinking ‘what if the terrorist was strapped with explosives?’, ‘what if the Jeep had exploded beside me?’"

Anything else you want to add? Like when the autobiography is coming out? The Sun and the News of the World seem to be serialising this same 30 second incident.

Only in Scotland coud you foil a terrorist attack then take two weeks off work on the sick.

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