Friday, 1 August 2008

Edinburgh Festival 2008

It's Edinburgh Festival time again and I've been through the last couple of days to see some shows. They're still in previews at the moment so not fair really to give them the famous Tom ratings ;o).

The first show I saw was Ivan Brackenbury's Hospital Christmas Roadshow. This was pretty solid character comedy built round an incompetent hospital radio DJ. There was the odd cock-up, but that just made it funnier. The show revolves around the inappropriate songs Brackenbury plays for the afflicted patients in the hospital.

Next up was Pappy's Fun Club. A well regarded sketch troupe they were on at the Pleasance Cabaret Bar. It was gag packed, somewhat chaotic and an enjoyable hour.

Now it's fair to say that over at the Pleasance Dome John Gordillo didn't have his best night. John compered a night I was on at The Stand about two years ago and to my surprise he recognised me. This led to the first instance of a performer personally offering me a refund from the stage. It turned out that I was the only one of the small audience who had actually paid in. When his show hit its mark it was pretty funny, it was just a wee bit off being ready.

Richard Herring's new show The Headmaster's Son is up to his usual standards. Full of self-deprecating humour and plenty of off-colour jokes. There is a fair wee bit of heart in it as well.

The best show I've seen so far though is John Pinette - I Say Nay Nay. Fans of Seinfeld will know who John Pinette is as he played the fat guy who caused the gang to be arrested in the final episode. His first time at the Festival he hammered out an hour of solid polished stand-up. Mainly revolving round food and the various embarrassments his size and appetite has called him he was received warmly by the audience. It was obvious that he was enjoying himself onstage and appreciated the response. He also turned in an excellent Elvis impression.

I'll be back through next week to see more. Enjoy some John Pinette complaining about queues down below.

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