Sunday, 10 August 2008

More From Edinburgh

I saw a couple of shows from the Free Fringe/Festival in the middle of last week. Scott Agnew is there with his show Big Boy. He's on a bit of a tour with it, as it's playing in various venues throughout the run. I also went along to see Tartan Special in Meridan at the bottom of Leith Walk.

On Friday I saw
Morgan Murphy at The GRV. Murphy is a well known and respected comic in the US, appearing on the Comedians of Comedy tour as well as late night chat shows. Here though she drew an audience of six. She turned in an excellent performance, but I couldn't help but feel it would have been more enjoyable with a bigger crowd in the room. I guess it says something about Edinburgh, she could be playing clubs in the US to decent crowds and earning cash, but instead she's in Scotland playing to a handful of folk each night. Well worth going to see though.

Later on I went to see Glenn Wool in the Underbelly. As I've said here before Wool is easily one of the best comics working in Britain. His delivery is just first class. His show deals with his divorce and it was interesting to see how much of it had changed since he performed part of it in Glasgow in March.

I should also maybe mention that John Gordillo, who struggled when I saw him on the first preview night, received a five star review from Chortle.

Down below there's some Morgan Murphy.

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