Friday, 20 March 2009

Graeme Souness on TalkSport

Former Liverpool and Scotland captain Graeme Souness has hit the headlines today thanks to a bust-up at his son's Under-10s football match. The Sun ran this story telling of Souness's 'foul-mouthed rant'.

Jeff Goodwin, 46, who was watching his son Jacob, said: “This guy should know better. There were ladies in our group. He did say to them, ‘Excuse me.’

“But he told our coach, ‘If you think this is the way to teach kids to play, you’ve no f***ing chance.’

It's a bit of a non-story, perhaps not such a coincidence that this film featuring Ray Winstone has just been put up on the FA's website as part of the Respect campaign.

But far more amusing was Souness's call to his former Scotland team-mate Alan Brazil on TalkSport in order to clear the matter up. You can listen to the 6 1/2 minute call here. He's pretty angry. This was what woke me up this morning. The Souness Alarm Clock, I think you could market it.

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