Monday, 3 August 2009

San Diego News

For anyone interested in comics, cult TV or movies, The 2009 San Diego Comic Convention - for years the biggest of the big pop culture events in the US - has just wrapped up for another year.

There was little to grab all but the die-hard this year other than news Gary Oldman let slip that Batman 3 will be along sooner than expected.

The other big news of the con for me was that Marvel have sorted out the complex legal mess entangling the much loved character Miracleman and have bought all rights to the character, who will revert to his original name of Marvelman.

Why is this potentially good news? Well, Miracleman/Marvelman was re-vamped in the mid 80's by none other than Alan Moore and latterly Neil Gaiman but was never properly finished and the stories, considered some of Moore's greatest early work, was never effectively collected. Now it looks as if fans will now get the chance to see why wealthy comic junkies pay top dollar for the hard to find original issues and ultra-rare collected editions.

Here's a digest page of all the news and announcements made during the con from Newsarama.

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