Monday, 12 October 2009

Hooray For Saturday

I've began presenting my own radio show. It's called Hooray For Saturday, I know it sounds like a kids' TV show, but trust me it's not. It's on Glasgow Uni's station Sub City.

So far I've had three shows and they've all went all right. No major disasters or nothing. I've been playing music, some comedy and gibbering, although I try to keep the talking to a minimum. I have been touting the idea of having some comedy guests on in the future, but I've so far been slow in organising it.

You can listen live on the Sub City website from 9am to 10am on a Saturday or listen again at the link at the top of the post. All three shows are there just now.

There's a fan page on Facebook. Gonnie join it and save it being just me.

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