Friday, 26 October 2007

Comedy on Telly

You'll all be reading this too late for it to matter but here are some TV recommendations for tonight.

Firstly The Armstrong & Miller Show, on BBC One at 9.30pm.

Here they are in the Telegraph and in The Times.

Secondly Doug Stanhope, Go Home on Channel 4 at 11.35pm.

This is a pilot that includes a live gig he performed in Edinburgh in March. On a radio interview I heard with him recently he said he hopes it doesn't get picked up for a series as he doesn't want to keep coming over here to film it.

Here's Doug from his mailing list.

Attn UK! "Doug Stanhope Go Home" Airs Friday Oct 26th on Ch 4!

The pilot I did for Channel 4 in the UK "Doug Stanhope Go Home" airs Friday, Oct 26th at 11:35 pm.

Please send out the town crier to go door-to-door and let people know. Or just repost this round the clock until then.

I'm sure one of you good folk will tape it and Youtube it for the poor pricks here in the states.

Thanks for your support. And before you ask, I'm sure I'll be coming back over sometime in the first half of '08. Stay tuned. ~ Stanhope

This is Brian Donaldson's review of it from The List.

As the latest batch of Comedy Labs reaches us, the pick of the bunch is Doug Stanhope, Go Home (Channel 4, Fri 26 Oct, 11.35pm ••••). While the pottymouth slurring of the man who threatened to run for the White House is not, as some of his disciples will claim, to be comedy’s Second Coming, he undoubtedly shines in this half-hour tirade against race hatred. Interspersed with his trademark firebrand stand-up routine recorded in Edinburgh’s Caves, he confronts a BNP activist outside Ibrox, meets Polish workers finding flaws with potatoes in a farm near Perth and tackles stereotypical bigots on Scottie McClue’s radio show. Naturally, he has his own vile sentiments to get over on occasion, but on this showing at least, the core of Stanhope contains a warm spirit with a previously hidden humanity oozing from every noxious pore.

And if you want to go laugh at something right now, Jacqueline McCafferty’s Big Brother Audition Tape made me cry with laughter when I saw it at Limmy's Show during the Edinburgh Festival.

Here's a video of Armstrong & Miller trying out some new material for the show.

Here's a clip form Stanhope's new DVD 'No Refunds'.

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