Thursday, 4 October 2007

The Peter Serafinowicz Show

Here's a good interview with Peter Serafinowicz discussing tonight's Peter Serafinowicz Show.

"There’s not mystique about being on TV anymore. You see these people go on Jeremy Kyle and carry on their miserable lives as if the cameras weren’t there, there’s no prestige about it. That’s why we came up with Michael-6, a robot talk-show host. The people in our sketch just ignore him."

And here's another one.

When we were writing this series, me and Jay, and this guy called Dan Mayer and the Dawson brothers; we were trying to come up with spoofs and tried to fi gure out how to spoof Big Brother because its ridiculous enough as it is, especially celebrity big brother, and also every other comedy show has done it already.

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Anonymous said...

Its a pity he made one of the worst comedy sketch shows in recent memory.Not quite as bad as CH4's 'Blunder" or the miserably unfunny "Catherine Tate Show" but still utterly devoid of any laughs. A shame as hes a funny guy.