Wednesday, 24 October 2007

They All Sit in the Town Centre

There was a hilarious call on George Galloway’s TalkSport show this morning. Galloway had kicked off the discussion by suggesting that Britain could do with more immigration. The population of Glasgow, he said, was one million in the 1960s but now sits at around 400,000.

A listener from Blackburn called in. He was outraged at the large number of Asians in his area. “Once they’ve finished their shifts on the taxis at 3am, they go into the town centre. Now, there’s no way I would take my five-year old in there.”

George said the same as I was saying, “At 3 in the morning? I would think not.” The caller then said he ‘wasn’t talking about 3 in the morning.’ When George prodded him to make an actual point he had another go.

“When they’re not working they all sit in the town centre talking in their own language...” George first of all pointed out that the guy just said the Asian population in his area regularly work until 3am, then asked him why, if they were all sat together and talking to each other, did he care if he couldn’t understand what they were saying. “Do you normally go around listening in to other people’s conversations?” George asked him.

“Why? Don’t you George?”

So this caller’s point seemed to be that the Asian population in his area worked long hours, made it impossible for him to take his 5-year old out at 3am and prevented him from listening in on their private conversations by speaking a language he didn’t know.

And then there was the other caller who said, “There’s too much health and safety in this country.”

You wonder why some folk bother to pick up a phone.

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Fraser said...

The level of moron out there is quite frightening. I had a similar thought today when I heard some waste of organs on a football talk show going on about how "Arsenal are better now without Tierry Henry".

Now this guy was obviously not being racist but what,I wondered would inspire someone to go to the trouble of picking up a phone to call and make public as banal and unoriginal a view as that?

Why phone someone and express an "opinion" you have been spoon fed by the media who have been saying "Arsenal are better now without Tierry Henry" ad-nauseum since faced with the plain fact that on the current evidence of the season, Arsenal are indeed better now without Tierry Henry. You know, because they haven't lost much and keep scoring lots of goals.

Here's a tip, before you pick up the phone ask yourself, do I have a point, or would it be better to take a pen and jam it into my eye as hard as I can?

I know big T likes listening to Talk Sport but I frankly hate George Galloway's brand of professional shit stirring. Half the time, I'm not sure he knows what he's going to say next. And he knows exactly the kind of muppet he winds up with his "controversial views" and he's intelligent enough to know that these peope shold not be encouraged in any way, shape or form.

I find it sad that baiting racists on a banal talk show is all that appears to be left for Galloway, a man who could once have described himself as having a radical political agenda. This country's centrist political process has a habit of turning people like George Galloway into a marginalised side show, but this usually occurs with considerably less help from the person in question.