Friday, 26 June 2009

Michael Jackson 1958-2009

So yesterday I went down to Balloch for the day, then into town to the cinema, purely to stay away from the computer for one day. Then when I finally switch the thing on, around half ten at night, I discover the internet has gone mental.

Musicians at Glastonbury are falling over themselves to sing snatches of his songs, while comedians and anyone else online can't get the jokes out fast enough.

Uri Geller appears to see it as a resurrection of his own career, whatever the fuck it was he did that made him famous. He twice avoided the question, "When did you last speak to Michael Jackson?" on the news last night. Presumably because the answer, "About 6 or 7 years ago," would make him less relevant to TV producers wanting soundbites. He also put the phone down on the BBC saying he was too upset to talk, only to turn up on Sky News ten minutes later with his good jumper on, a camera crew firmly set up in his front room.

It's a wonder Frank Carson hasn't been on anywhere, mourning the loss and then launching into a chunk of his act.

My pal Natalie will be on Sky News at about 7 o'clock, representing Muso's Guide. She certainly can't do any worse than prize plum Craig David. The 28-year old apparently said that he never thought he'd "See Michael Jackson die in my lifetime."

For the people saying that he was killed by over rehearsing for his 50 dates in London, it should perhaps be noted that he was being trained by The Hulk.

Comic Book dot Com has 'The Top 8 Strangest Comic Book Stories About Michael Jackson'.

I had Thriller on cassette when I was about 12. There's no denying he wrote some cracking songs and will be remembered as one of music's true greats. But then he went nuts...

This is a round-up of how my favourite music blog No Rock and Roll Fun covered the story.


Fraser said...

Yep, the fascinating aspect of this for me now is:

A)The media have again fallen into its default position of virtually canonising a man they had previously castigated on a regular basis. Whatever generates sales, right?

B) The sheer daftness of 24 hour news coverage concerning someone's death. I've heard some inane comments: "Rappers dance now because of Michael" - wow, what a worthy epitaph. Tom was saying he heard it said on the BBC last night " coverage of the death of Michael Jackson". Insane. Breaking news, he's gonna be just as dead as he was half 10 last night from this point forwards. Stop being a ghost at the feast and let his family and actual friends morn him.

Personally, I find it difficult to feel that sorry for a man who bought off child abuse charges, even if he was latterly acquitted of similar charges. And his music, for me, sucked raw ass. Michael Jackson's life should stand forever as an example of what happens when a human being becomes immersed in modern fame. His should be a cautionary tale, and celebration of his musical contribution should be kept very much in perspective with the sad life he seems to have led.

Buck said...

Pretty much agree with Fraser, it's Diana all over again. The press all say what an old slapper she was, then she dies and the says she is a saint. Now Michael Jackson dies... 48 hours ago he was a mad as box of frogs and not to be allowed near your kids, now all that is forgotten and all hail St Michael (isnt that Marks & Spencers?).
FWIW I liked his stuff but never bought any of it, and thought he was innocent of all his charges - just a bit niave that's all. Fame is a strange mistress.