Saturday, 27 June 2009

Michael Jackson Death - The Latest

The telly and everyone else is still at it with the Michael Jackson patter. Here's a few of the best things I've found online.

Charlie Brooker on Twitter: "All 24-hr news channels should be forced to cover NOTHING but MJ 'latest' for the next 7 years. Anchors hanging themselves on air by 2011."

Video of Flavor Flav turning up to see 'Mother Jackson' and being told to turn about and get tae. Although, he promises he'll be back later on.

No Rock and Roll Fun looks at The Sun telling their readers it's their 'job' to buy Michael Jackson records. As if anyone who gave a stuff wasn't doing that already.

They've also been running a feature they call 'It's not eulogy, it's me'. "When the famous talk of the recently dead, it's normally not about the corpse, but all about them. Madonna's claims this morning that she "can't stop crying" is designed to say nothing about Jackson's life, or his death, and everything about how empathetic Madonna would like us to think that she is."

Fred Durst pays tribute to MJ by dressing up like him.

The BBC have a video of a fan who "Lives Michael Jackson literally every day."

Ken Levine has a post on Michael Jackson - Wall to off the wall coverage. In it he includes such gems as this: 'Fans flocked to the Michael Jackson star on the Hollywood Walk-of-Fame. But it was talkshow host’s star, not Jacko’s. His star was covered by a red carpet laid down for the premiere of BRUNO. But here’s the great part: The fans were informed this was the wrong Michael Jackson but they remained and set up their shrine anyway.'

This is an article on how the internet handled the Michael Jackson search requests.

Reuters reports of Jackson's death sparking a bus brawl in Florida. Funnily enough the bus driver was at the centre of it.

This is an article on Michael Jackson's Moonwalker video game from

"Besides the musical, dance and technical genius of the man, and the influence he's had on four decades of artists, Michael loved Zombies." -Anthrax's Scott Ian (via)

Richard Herring has a bit on his blog with his thoughts on the news coverage. "...But it was also entertaining to see the news channels managing to stretch this one story, which has already happened and which there were unlikely to be many significant developments into hour after hour of news."

This is an interesting article on Jackson's manager Frank Dileo from Nashville Scene.

Here's an interesting story about Michael Jackson from Drew McWeeny at He tells of his days working at a video store where Michael Jackson would be a regular after hours customer.

Back to No Rock and Roll Fun who look at the towns and cities attempting to turn his death into a money spinning tourist attraction.

An 'It's not eulogy, it's me' moment that NRARF missed comes from Twitter where the musician, actor and producer Wyclef remarked, “I will not be going on TV talking about this, but my memory of Michael was when he came and saw me in the studio, I LOVE MICHAEL.” Do you think he's great? Yeah, well he thought I was great.

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