Sunday, 7 February 2010

Some Funny Things in the News

There's been a lack of posts on 'Pish of late, since we're both so busy with the chatty whirlwind of Twitter, but I thought I'd try to get a few more updates on here.

Anyway this is for anyone who missed these cracking video clips this past week. The first one is the astonishingly mental video Richard Madeley put together for The Daily Politics. In it he mounts a defence of Tony Blair, making himself out to be a prize fud.

The second one is Labour MP Jim Devine's hilariously out-of-his-depth defence of his expenses claims on the Channel 4 News on Friday night. You have to think that any defence where you used the word 'Whatdoyoucallit?' more than once hasn't gone well.

After that you've got 'Pish favourite Doug Stanhope's slot from last week's Newswipe.

The whole things runs to about 16 minutes, with Devine's blabberings taking up 11 minutes.

(If you're reading this on Facebook and can't see the videos the blog post is here.)

1 comment:

wayupnorth said...

jim devine got ripped apart. if he was anything but a politician i would have felt sorry for him. ach i actually did feel a wee bit sorry for him.

i quite like richard madely hes 55 going on 25. but hes talking pish here. pardon the pun.

i didnae watch the 3rd clip. did well to stick 12 minutes worth of the first 2. scrap the twitter and get the blog going troops!