Tuesday, 16 February 2010

Thanks For Watching

That's Limmy's Show done. Six episodes all finished. Thanks a lot for watching, if you did so. It's been good fun seeing people's reactions to it, both online and in person.

Of the notable folk who went out of their way to comment on it Graham Linehan, Robert Popper, Grace Dent, Pearl of Pearl and the Puppets and bizarrely Joan Burnie all loved it. Unfortunately Tam Cowan and John Smeaton didn't. Can't win them all.

Thanks for all the nice comments youse have been hitting me up with. Basically I turned up on time and did what I was told, but I'll take all the praise going anyway.


Doctor Logan said...

Really enjoyed the show man and you were great in it! Did you contribute ideas to the show?

Tom said...

Thanks a lot. Glad you enjoyed it.

No, it was all down to Brian.

wayupnorth said...

you had lots of air time, much more per episode than the pilot. alot of folk will recognize you now.

i thought it was a good series, i didnt like some of the surreal stuff, but every episode had at least one big laugh and a few good chuckles. it stands out from anything i can remember in scottish comedy. it reminded me of alexi sayle's stuff, from the 80's. good work big man.