Wednesday, 17 February 2010

Well Done Tom & Limmy

A big well done to the actor Tom Brogan who I'm sure you'll agree delivered some sterling performances on yon Limmy's Show what has been on the tele recently. I honestly can't think of anyone more deserving and I was proud of the big man for grabbing his opportunity with both hands and bringing the funny as only he can. No surprise to see Brian relying on him as much as he did.

As for the show itself I thought it was real step in the right direction for Scottish TV comedy. It kept well away from the cosy parochialism that has characterised output for so long and delivered a contemporary and eclectic programme that focused on an individual vision rather than the sludge of disparate ideas you can sometimes get from a multi-writer sketch show. There were ideas, characters and gags aplenty. There was also plenty of scope for the humour to give way to an uneasy, jarring sense of despair and dissatisfaction. A number of styles were handled with equal aplomb and I think therein lay the great strength of the show. There seemed a real lack of any kind of fear, of second-guessing what the audience wanted. Instead we got the confident delivery of a genuinely considered vision. It also suggested there is so much more to come but in the meantime, for me it was an assured first foray into the mainsteam for a genuine talent with a big say in how broadcast comedy is going to be shaped in Scotland for a good while to come.

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