Tuesday, 1 February 2005

8.32 am

As I'm sure few people know I'm making a return to stand up again shortly after a 2 month lay-off. I can't really be bothered. I was 'up for it' a few months ago, but the motivation for it isn't really there anymore. However as I have several nights in Glasgow booked and a couple in Edinburgh I thought I should try to become inspired. So I did a wee search for someone inspiring and found this diary by Demetri Martin.

The gold in it for me was the bit on page 4 where he discusses how to get ‘MC Neighbor’ to turn his hip-hop down.

My initial plan was to get to know the guy first. I figure once we're homeboys, then I could just casually mention it sometime. " ... Yeah, I can definitely relate to your point about bitches and fancy cars. Been there. By the way, dog, could you turn your music like way down when you play it? Maybe even don't play it all? That would be dope. Also, when you do play it, could you rap along to it just a little less forcefully?

Failing that Demetri’s alternative is to play his Elliott Smith CDs up loud to combat.

I may add some more to this later on.

And here is the first add on a couple of video clips of him doing a routine.

An interview with him in Yale's magazine.

A little feature on him in The Eureka Reporter.

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