Thursday, 24 February 2005

The Telly

There have been several posts in the last few weeks in the lead up to both Joey on Five and Nathan Barley on Channel 4. So after 3 episodes of the former and 2 of the latter, perhaps I should venture forth with my opinion.

Joey has made me laugh a few times. It certainly hasn't shown any great spark as yet. I had thought that with Joey now pursuing an acting career with increased vigour we may see him getting into a lot of actorly related scrapes. However he appears to have hung around the house most of the time. That is what comes of the studio sitcom format where most of the action takes place in one or two stage locations. Drea De Matteo is proving a strong support, but they'll have to build a stronger ensemble around him for it to be another Frasier.

Nathan Barley. I missed the first one and when I watched the second episode on tape, I got fed up with it about 4 minutes in and put it off. I dunno if I'll go back to it.

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Anonymous said...

The second episode was pish so I don't blame you for switching off. I would've done so too, had it not been for Noel Fielding. First episode was very funny though...