Wednesday, 23 February 2005

Is It Any Wonder?

In reference to Tom’s previous post, the problem is this:

Members of these extreme religious groups tend to find it difficult to grasp the idea that their religion should be strong enough to sustain itself against any attack, real or perceived without resorting to plainly un-Christian acts such as bullying and intimidation.

Is the fact that they can't because they are generally angry, lost individuals attracted to these groups not by a love of God, but by the desire to involve themsleves in extreme, confrontational activites?

Or is it because they lack within them the very cornerstone of any religion - faith?

Or is it perhaps because they are all idiots who believe a magic man who lives in the sky somehow made the world?

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syntax pua said...

i am with you. At the pearly gates all the religious people will be the first against the wall.