Tuesday, 22 March 2005

The Comedy Scene Continues

With the comedy festival continuing apace we reach the big day. The day we finally put our bunch of rag tag sketches in front of a paying audience. As far as the comedy festival has been going so far, I've quite enjoyed it. Kitson was hilarious on Wednesday night, playing for 3 hours. As I keep saying, he's one of the few guys who can riff off the top of his head and be consistently hysterical.

On Friday night I saw The Musical! A show I had seen already at the Edinburgh Festival, but as it was in the venue we're using, the 13th Note I wanted to see how it looked and how the lighting system we are sharing with them looks. A good show and deserved much more than the small but appreciative audience it got.

After that I headed up to O'Neills where Fizzy was taking on the dual roles of doing the door and heckling the acts.

Saturday night I had a gig at O'Neills which went quite well. Considering. After that I headed to a mad night down at Blackfriars. With practically every comedian in town in the room, about a dozen of us had a turn on stage. I got on around 1.15am. Luckily the act on before me made me look like Jerry Seinfeld.

Tonight though is the biggie - You Owe Me Glue at the 13th Note. For anyone interested in my expectations - I think the acting will be fine. The only things that are currently causing us problems is that this afternoon will be the first time we have been able to rehearse in the space we're using with everything as it will be on the night. Timings for enterances and exits will have to be tightened and quick costume changes must be mastered. Other than that it should be a laugh.

I have just been informed this minute that we have 22 advance ticket sales for tonight. Fuck. People are coming after all.

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