Wednesday, 16 March 2005

The Fag End of the Entertainment Business

There have been very few posts up here recently. You may think that we have been too busy with the impending show/shambles/triumph/disaster and yes you would be correct. 6 days to go and still loads to do.

The Glasgow International Comedy Festival has for 16 days provided Glasgow with the comedy scene that a lot of folk would like to think exists all year round. Comedy promoters are even starting Tupac and Biggie style feuds. At the weekend I saw 6 shows in 4 days, working at 4 of them. Fizzy played 2 gigs in one night. Running across town Jerry Seinfeld style to get to the second one. With the country’s only deaf comedian Steve Day clutching his ‘gameshirt’ running alongside.

I’m off to see Daniel Kitson tonight, then at the weekend it’s another round of shows for the pair of us. If this were to keep up, we’d be under the impression that maybe we were actually in the entertainment business.

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