Wednesday, 23 March 2005

The First Night of Glue

I'm posting this here rather than on the You Owe Me Glue blog since, let's face it hardly anyone reads it. The first night of the show seemed to go really well. So far the only negative feedback we've had were from two old guys, who asked how "anyone could laugh at this pish." Though apparently they stayed 'til the end.

We had 65 in thru the door, including our guestlist and someone who didn't think the show was worth paying for and barged her way in for nothing. We're expecting more in tonight, so if you're coming get there early.

I should use this space to thank everyone involved in the show. Especially Tommy, Ronnie and Graham. These guys have helped us out just cos they wanted to. They've sorted out all the props and sound and helped the show run smoothly on the night. Ronnie also made his acting debut with us and unfortunately got more of a kicking than his character was meant to.

Tonight should, I hope, be even better than last night, since everyone has that little bit more confidence and we all have less to worry about.

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