Thursday, 3 March 2005

Who? Eh? What?

Here is our Blub on the 13th Note’s webpage for the Comedy Festival. We have no idea who wrote this and while it’s great to get such a glowing reference (thanks, whoever you are) it does pile the pressure on somewhat…

A comedy revue with satisfyingly unpleasant undertones. The creators of local zine Cheery Bananas, whose Timmy Mallett-esque name belies the often darkly satirical content (think Chris Morris guest-editing The Onion) are Tom Brogan and Fraser Campbell. Their show is intended to go "riding roughshod over live sketch comedy rules like a big funny horse"; obviously created by and for fans of the flat expression school of bathetic comedy - like The Day Today - "You Owe Me Glue" throws out non sequiturs like the horse one with abandon, the dry delivery laying like an attractively crunchy-looking coat of snow above coal black ice, as three pensioners round the corner on uncertain legs. Darkly tragic funnies, playing for two nights, see them now before they get their own series on BBC Digital!

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