Friday, 7 April 2006

Arcade Mire

Following up Tuesday’s trip to The Stand I headed out to Edinburgh for a gig last night. It was at The Arcade Bar on Cockburn Street. The trip was ostensibly to check out the venue’s suitability as a stage for a YOMG Festival show.

The trip was more or less a wasted journey as I didn’t even take to the stage. With around 10 punters in the night was taken up mainly by the compere’s smut filled routine. By 10.45 I decided it was best to go for the bus, rather than wait until midnight.

As for a festival venue I’m not sure how I can see it doing Glue justice.

I did go for tea in Tempting Tattie and that’s always pretty good. I used to live just along the street from here and their potatoes are always huge and well filled. It’s in a reasonably handy location, being just 5 mins walk from Waverley station and just off the Royal Mile at the World’s End.


Anonymous said...

I was at this gig....!
I noticed you sitting in the corner waiting to do your spot...
You have my sympathies...!
To have to listen to an hour of Mac Star's diabolical material without even getting on to do your set must be a desperate experience.
I certainly lost the will to live after a while.
The problem is that a few young girls' embarassed giggles is enough to convince him that he is a comedy messiah and that as it's his gig he can carry on for as long as he likes...
Painful stuff!

Tom said...

Thanks for that Mr 'Curler (I presume). Yeah it wasn't the best way I could have spent my evening. There were certainly a couple of less than amused faces in the room.