Thursday, 13 April 2006

Giant Drag @ Barfly

I went to see Giant Drag play at Barfly last night. Opening up for them were We Start Fires, a 3 girls and one guy group from, by the sounds of their accents, the north of England. Loud and rocking, as support acts go they were all right. They should learn to speak in their singing voices though.

If you don’t know, Giant Drag are a boy/girl duo, same kind of idea as The White Stripes only in reverse. No bass, she sings and plays guitar, he plays drums and keyboards.

Singer Annie was like a cross between Emo Phillips and my pal Clare. She sounded like Emo and had the demeanour of Clare. I realise if you know Clare that may be a frightening thought, but it’s really not. They played a tight but rocking set. I enjoyed that they amusingly acknowledged the pointlessness of going off then coming back on for an encore at the end.

The highlights for me were This Isn’t It, You F*** Like My Dad, My D*** Sux and Kevin is Gay. Barfly was quite packed, though there still seemed to be an awful lot of people talking through their set.

There are some photographs below, first two are of We Start Fires the rest Giant Drag.

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Anonymous said...

Nice photos. The talking was pretty annoying. As were the folk who appeared to roar like a goal had been scored at the end of every song.