Tuesday, 4 April 2006

Gong Show

On Thursday night I went to the Grand Gong Show final at Bluu. £1000 up for grabs it featured the good, the bad and the insane of Glasgow comedy. And a couple of folk who came from much further a field.

For me the evening was all about the appearance of Knob Stewart, a man who had declared it his mission to destroy Alan Anderson. Obviously I support him all the way on that.

Anyway Knob came on last and inevitably was gonged off early on. This was mainly to do with him having zero material, instead preferring to shout “Love me, love me. I have a website”. However he did manage through a poem before the gong sounded.

After his gonging he attacked Alan. Alan, in turn, defended himself with the gong. What with Big Scott Agnew running around trying to pull Knob off Alan (ahem) there is certainly the makings of a new Three Stooges style act in there.

The contest was won by The Wee Man, the only act to make the 5 minute mark.

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