Wednesday, 28 June 2006

At The Stand

Last night I played Red Raw at The Stand in Glasgow. I never seem to muster up a lot of pre-gig enthusiasm for these things. I’ve got too much stuff in my set that’s not properly worked out.

I was on 3rd in the second part of the evening. Not my ideal time for going on. I prefer to be on early, mainly so I can get it out the way.

Of my act I think my stage persona and delivery were a lot better than normal. I do need to flesh out rough ideas a bit better in order to sell the funny. My biggest laugh came from my opening ad-lib where I suggested the audience would be able to see me unless I moved the microphone stand. I did milk it for all it was worth, though I felt that I probably could have had them in uproar if I abandoned my set and just went on about being fat.

I’m discovering that more and more people on the comedy circuit now know me from You Owe Me Glue.

The photos below are of the prompts for my set on my hand; the walk to the venue and the sign outside.

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