Wednesday, 14 June 2006

Government Grants Torturers Charter

Well done the Government once again.

In denying 3 Britons the right to sue Saudi Arabian “officials” who tortured them in order to gain confessions for crimes they never committed, they have basically told every state who has something to put on the table “It’s ok to imprison and torture our citizens”.

To give this story some context, these guys were convicted of a series of bombings in 2002. The Saudis said they were part of an illegal alcohol supply turf war. This was a complete fabrication, a cover up for a Government who didn’t want to admit that al-Qaeda were active within its borders.

It has been independently confirmed that all 3 Britons and a Canadian were tortured in a variety of ways including sleep deprivation, beatings and being force-fed drugs.

Unable to get any other kind of justice and faced with a government unwilling even to criticise it’s oil-rich buddy, the victims of this horrific series of events were granted leave to sue the men who tortured them by the Court of Appeal in 2004.

Now the Law Lords and the Government have over-turned that decision, saying the “officials” are protected by state immunity.

So rather than stand up for the rights of it’s own citizens or for any kind of justice, the Government have sided with one of the world’s most evil regimes, simply because it has lots of oil.

A disgusting state of affairs, and everyone involved on the side of our Government should be thoroughly ashamed.

Not that they will be – the country now appears to be run by people who are not only clueless but also gutless, utterly devoid of conscience and of any sensibly applicable idea of what is right and wrong.

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