Friday, 16 June 2006

No Press is Bad Press - Unless you're the Guy with the Sportcoat Over Your Head Being Lead From the Courthouse

Talking Pish's favourite comedian Doug Stanhope recently got himself into a lot of bother over at the comedy festival in Kilkenny.

He was booed off stage after making jokes about the changes to Ireland's rape laws.

The papers quoted him as saying that Irish women were 'too ugly to rape'. What he states he actually said was...

The next night I ventured - on the issue of one making an "honest mistake" and having intercourse with someone you beleived to be of legal age - was that most of the women there were such misshapen pigs, that if you actually were to fuck them, you would be more concerned about what species they were and that you wouldn't ever consider how old they were until days later when - still staring at it - you'd wonder "How long can one of these live?"

He tells the whole story on his MySpace.

From the moment I stepped off the plane, you would have thought that rogue pedophile cells had flown hijacked planes into the asses of Ireland's innocent youth.

To my great fortune, this segued perfetly into my favorite new material. With all the Myspace/child predator fear-mongering over here in the U.S., it didn't take much coffee to make the two into one long rant about people's over-reactions and delusions to the risk of their child taking unwanted cock.

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