Tuesday, 13 June 2006

The Great DAB Con and the World Cup Liars

My lovely wee sister spend what appears to have been a lot of money on a gift for my birthday, a DAB radio so I could listen to the World Cup. The problem?

DAB Radio, which has been financed in large part by the licence payer, just doesn’t work.

Trying to listen to the match last night on my way home from work ranked pretty high on the frustrateometer, remarkable when you consider just how calm and unflappable I normally am.

For anyone who hasn’t had the pleasure of trying to listen to the radio with one of these daft things, it’s sort of like being broadcast to by Norman Collier, as it constantly cuts out and breaks up as well as producing a range of painful and very annoying sonic screams and screeches of interference on a regular basis.

I discover on investigating the invention that instead of actually improving the ability of the radio signal to travel around obstacles such as buildings or the roof of your enclosed space, it’s actually worse at doing that than an analogue signal, so essentially, you have an expensive technological “development” that is actually less effective in practical terms then the technology we already had.

I had always been under the impression that technological “advances” were mean to be better than whatever already existed but apparently I was wrong.

The BBC and their partners have basically replaced surgery and anaesthesia with a saw and a bottle of whiskey and not only that. Having had us pay for the development of this rubbish technology, they now want to flog us virtually useless radios at £30-£70 a pop. Fucking scandalous.

And while on the subject of Radio, I would just like to expose Five Live and Talk Sport as big, fat liars.

“…Every World Cup match live…” is the proud boast of both stations. Except it’s pish.

Both stations have failed to cover all the matches live online, which, given the fact that my fucking rubbish utterly useless DAB radio doesn’t get a signal in my place of work, was my only means of tuning into the game.

So there’s another instance of The BBC just knowingly leaving licence payers in the lurch. And an example of how truly shit the UK’s home of borderline racist football comment is as well.

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