Tuesday, 28 August 2007

Understanding Comics

Here's a rare thing, it's a comic post by me. I spent a large chunk of yesterday at the library, when I was supposed to be writing, reading Understanding Comics by Scott McCloud.

Published in 1993 it's as the title says a book about understanding comics, presented by McCloud and written in the form of a comic. Kind of like Kramer's coffee table book about coffee tables it's a comic book about comics. It's both educational and entertaining.

McCloud himself is a man who never seems to stop thinking and has a number of projects ongoing at any one time. He came up with the idea for The 24-Hour Comic, which led to The 24 Hour Play.

I think 'Pish's regular comics guru will agree when I say he's a guy who's worth checking out.

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Fraser said...

Scoot McCloud is the man. He wrote and drew a smashing comic called Zot! before embarking on his education comics quest which now includes books on creating comics and "reinventing" comics. He's also at the very forefront of ecomics so check out his site: