Thursday, 21 February 2008

First Bus Do It Again

So, two months into full-time employment and I'm getting up in the morning joyful with the knowledge that death can only be a decade or two most. The early morning journeys with First Bus will be one of the things I'll think of on my deathbed and be grateful I'll never have to experience ever again.

No matter how early I catch the bus to work it's always mobbed, packed to bursting with rucksack carrying office employees and schoolchildren. Routinely swelteringly hot I have to push my way through the crowd to get off at my stop each morning. But that's to be expected I suppose. At least I've got music to listen to on my mp3 player while I dread the day ahead.

Or have I? Today First Bus decided otherwise. This morning I was subjected to First TV, a screen up the front of the bus showing dull films about fun runs and architecture, trailers for films that have been and gone at the cinema and promos about Glasgow inexplicably set to pumping dance music. All at a deafening fucking volume. So loud that I just gave up trying to listen to my own music.

Now as far as I'm aware passengers on First Bus's services are not allowed to play any devices at a level that may irritate or annoy fellow passengers. It would appear that their own rules don't apply to the good people of First Bus. As I got on this morning I felt I was queuing up to get into a disco.

First Bus - constantly finding new ways to fuck off their passengers.


TopChamp said...

i sympathise... empathise? Which is the one meaning genuinely understand (as I suffer the same)?

I experienced the tv thing this week - and hated it too.

Florian said...

I totally agree! The First TV screen is just a pain and on the top of my list of "what I don't need in the morning". At least they could turn of the sound...